Dental cases at Central Dental Clinic

We see similar requests for aesthetic smile improvement and dental treatment in different clients. But remember that every client and every dental case is different.

Here we will analyze the actual cases of completed dental treatment performed by the Central Dental Clinic professionals. We will tell what the client wanted, what we have changed and what the final result was.
The first case
Insecurities because of the smile. Didn’t feel comfortable to smile, to communicate with people or just take a selfie.
The request is clear, but there is no beauty without health. We developed a detailed treatment plan and did a great job. The work was done, even more than was planned. Watch the video with comments by f Yaroslav Kazo, the doctor who worked on this case.
The second case
This work was done for our employee. She had no specific problems with her teeth and did not want to get veneers. But having watched how happy and pleased are the patients who had veneers installed, Victoria decided to make her smile perfect. See the result and the whole process of transformation of her smile in the video.

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